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What do Mike's Mentors, the "Gurus", have to say about Mike?
Todd Brown - Marketing Funnel Automation
"...nobody better I would recommend that you go to to have your funnel fixed than Mike, the Marketing Medic... "
"He understands the tactics, the strategy, the idea, the offer... he understands how to make it all congruent with traffic"
Russell Brunson - Dotcom Secrets, ClickFunnels
"John on my inside team came in and said (Mike's) better at running ads than even I am! "
"(Mike's) just got a really unique ability to understand the marketplace..."
"He cares more about you and your business more than pretty much anyone else I have seen out there."
Why Learn the "Empathic Marketing Strategy" from the Marketing Medic?
It's time somebody told the truth... Making sales is hard work. Making sales online is even harder.

Many online "gurus" today have lead us to believe that all you need is a sales funnel and you're set for life. Of course, maybe that guru is saying that because he wants you to purchase his online sales funnel platform...

But think about it, why do you want to buy from that guru?

You want to buy because he is making you a promise, fulfilled by his unique mechanism that is addressing your pain points. By offering you a dream, he has connected with you emotionally. Then he provides "proof" for his platform which logically supports your desire.

So the reason you want to purchase from this guru is because you have fallen for his marketing strategy. You don't want to buy from him just because he has an online funnel. 
Don't do what the "gurus" tell you to do...
Instead, watch them and do what the gurus actually do
The problem is the "proof" he has provided may be true for him, but may not hold true for you. When he shows you a funnel that earns $17,000+ a day, did he tell you that he spends $15,000+/day on ad spend? Or that it cost him tens of thousands of dollars testing and split-testing until he finally made it profitable? Did he tell you that on average 9 out of 10 funnels fail out of the gate?

The reality is, we all want our success to come easy. That is our dream. That is our emotional hook. So if that is what we truly desire, then what are the online "coaches" going to sell us?

Of course, they are going to sell us what we want. But the problem is, what we want isn't necessarily what we need. The online marketing industry is very similar to the weight loss industry. We all know we can't lose weight and be healthy without either dieting or exercise (or maybe both). But since so many people want to lose weight without putting in the effort, billions of dollars are spent every year on lose-weight-fast fads or cons that ultimately don't work.
If building a business or making money online was truly "easy", then why wouldn't everyone just quit their jobs today?
So how is the Marketing Medic any different?

Going back to the weight loss metaphor, the Marketing Medic is kinda like a personal trainer nutritionist. Being coached with the right diet and proper exercise, you WILL lose weight and improve your health. But only if you do the work. You may not lose 10 pounds in the first week, but the results will come.

It's the same with the Marketing Medic. The first launch of your funnel may not be a home run success, but it will be built from a solid platform and a sound strategy. And if your funnel does underperform upon launch, it's not a problem because you have the understanding of the Empathic Marketing Strategy to make it better.

The skills you learn with the Marketing Medic are not just the mechanical skills of building a funnel. The "strategy" isn't about "order bumps", one time offers and downsells. It's not about how to create an online "value ladder". EMS is a strategy that intertwines everything from your Facebook ad, to your landing page and offer, all the way to your high ticket sale and continuity program.

EMS is literally the backbone of every form of advertising, marketing and copy writing that you do within your business. Without a strategy like this, you are just a technician. You can't diagnose or troubleshoot. You can only install. Understanding Empathic Marketing will allow you to communicate and reach your clients in ways none of your competitors can.
What do the Marketing Medic current "Apprentices" have to say...
James Key Lim - the Original "Apprentice"
"...he opened up with everything he knew, he doesn't hold back... "
"... one thing about Mike that is so exceptional is that he is so empathetic to really everyone he works with."
"If you ever get the chance to do anything with Mike, I would say TAKE IT."
Rachel Miller - Moolah Marketing
"...Marketing Medic Apprenticeship Program revolutionized my business and quite frankly my life... "
"the stress of my business has gone down dramatically."
"... in the past 4 months have made over $200,000..."
"I would never have started that business if it wasn't for Mike."
More testimonials from students and clients at the bottom of this page
 What You Will Discover Inside The Marketing Medic Apprenticeship Training Modules...
Module 1

Identify Your Client Avatar

Without clients or customers, there is no business! Everything your business says or does has to focus first on your client avatar. Skip this step at your own peril.
Module 2

Offer, Promise, Platform, Big Idea

Your landing or optin page has to have both emotional and logical arguments. This module outlines the strategy that creates landing pages that convert!
"Capture the heart, convince the mind"
Module 3

Choosing Profitable Products

If you don't have a high ticket or continuity plan in your online sales strategy, then you've got a tough road ahead for high $$ profits. Luckily, high ticket and continuity can be worked into most sales funnels. This module explains how.
Module 4

How to Mechanically Build a Funnel with CF

Although it is your overall strategy that will drive sales, without a basic understanding of how to mechanically build an online sales funnel, your message will never be heard. This module teaches the mechanics of building a funnel using Clickfunnels.
Module 5

Funnel Strategy Implementation

This lesson marries Module 2 with Module 4 and explains how to actually implement your strategy into your funnel. We also dip into the importance of and "how to" split test!
Module 6

Back End Sales... Where the Profit Starts

The purpose of the front end of a funnel is to break even and bring in clients. The back end is where the profit starts. This module explains the mechanics AND strategy of the back end funnel.
Module 7

The Money In Your List

In theory, a prospect will enter your funnel, optin for your offer, pay for your tripwire (and order bump), then go on to purchase your high ticket.
But the reality is that traveling through your funnel can takes days, weeks, even months. So you need an email list to stay in touch with your prospects.
Module 8

How to Set Up Your Ongoing Continuity

As mentioned in Module 3, one of the better way to earn serious money online is through a continuity program. Since there are a few tricks to establishing this sort of thing, this is what this module is all about.
Liad Messinger - from LA, California
"(the modules are) invaluable, full of strategies, very very high level... "
"I find myself waiting every Wednesday for the Zoom call"
"this is for the long-term, this is something great"
Chad Boswell - Small Business Funnels
"...I was just blown away by the content "
"Mike just focuses on the things that matter"
"...it's just totally different from anything else that I've learned - EVEN FROM RUSSELL"

Wade Collins - Leads-o-Matic Marketing
"...you're a helluva lot smarter and a helluva more talented than anyone gave you credit for... "
"within a week or so, I wasn't getting 1 or 3 leads a day, I was getting 1 to 3 leads an hour"
"...(Mike) has been a huge benefit to me and my online business..."
"... he grabbed me by the arms and said Dude, this is where you're screwin' up and this is where you're doing alright"
"... within a month we got those clicks down to 13 cents a click, anybody who knows this game knows that is a tremendous accomplishment..."
New Added Bonus!
To make creating your funnel as absolutely easy as possible, I have decided to include 3 "share funnels" into this training.

A share funnel is simply a funnel that I build that has a share link attached to it. You simply open the link while logged into your Clickfunnels account and "Presto" that funnel is in your personal account.

I'll create 3 different style of funnels that you can modify for your business.

But here's what sets these share files apart from every other share funnel on the planet...

My funnels will have strategy instruction built right into them!

This means, that I'll provide a generic headline and have it nicely designed and all that. But right beneath that headline section will be a video from me, explaining what you want to say in that headline and how you want to say it.

I'll have a video explanation for each section of the funnel!

So, when you build a customized funnel for your business, you won't have to struggle with the content. I'll be right there in the funnel guiding you along!

Basically, everything I taught James in the course, will be summarized in your funnel build. 

It doesn't get any easier than that!