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It's now time to learn and implement the strategy that will allow you to build the relationships needed to earn your audience's trust and generate sales. 
And if you implement the 6 modules, it's entirely possible for you to make your first sale in 42 days... All thanks to the Empathic Marketing Strategy!
What you're going to get:
(How to) Empathic Marketing Strategy
  •  Module 1: Identify your Ideal Buyer Profile
  •  Lesson 2: Creating a Highly Desirable and Irresistible Offer
  •  Lesson 3: Crafting a Believable Marketing Premise
  •  Lesson 4: Create your "Have to Have it" Hook
  •  Lesson 5: Eliminate Resistance with your Proof Platform
  •  PDF slide downloads for each lesson
  •  PDF worksheet for each lesson
LIFETIME Online Video Coaching/Accountablity
Meet with me every OTHER week in an online video meeting to get feedback on your progress, ask questions and be held accountable for achieving the results you deserve.
Funnel Build 5-Day Challenge
Whether you want to build a funnel with Clickfunnels or BuilderAll, I have a 5-Day Challenge for each that walks you the technical aspects of turning your marketing strategy into a working online funnel that converts.
Facebook Ads 101
  •  Lesson 1: Creating your FB Business Page
  •  Lesson 2: Establish your payment settings
  •  Lesson 3: Create your first targeted ad
  •  Lesson 4: Establish your pixel - 4 parts
  •  Lesson 5: Custom audience Cost per Click savings
  •  Lesson 6: Advanced audience targeting
  •  Lesson 7: Empathic marketing for FB ads
V.E.A.R. Mindset Training
  •  Lesson 1: Digging deep to find your true Vision
  •  Lesson 2: Accessing the Energy in and around you
  •  Lesson 3: It's not a cliche, Attitude is everything
  •  Lesson 4: When all else fails... you still have Resolve
Marketing Medic Apprenticeship
  •  Lesson 1: Identify your client avatar
  •  Lesson 2: Offer, Big Idea, Platform
  •  Lesson 3: Choosing the right product
  •  Lesson 4: Clickfunnels mechanics
  •  Lesson 5: Strategy meets mechanics
  •  Lesson 6: Backend sales, where the profits start
  •  Lesson 7: Mechanics of email sequencing
  •  Lesson 8: Content of email sequences
Plus a few surprises you'll find on the inside...
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3 payments of $379
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Guarantee #1
Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: If for ANY REASON or NO REASON AT ALL you decide that EMT-Certification is not for you, just send me an email stating that you've changed your mind and I'll refund your money. I may ask you "Why?", but you don't need to answer. I refund your money regardless.
Guarantee #2
Conditional 90 Day Money Back Guarantee: I am so confident that EMT-Certification works that if you go through the modules and do the work you will earn at least $1000 in your first 90 days. If you've done the work and didn't earn $1000 through the campaign we built together, I will give you a full refund of the course AND you can still keep access to the membership site and all the bonuses. (Conditions apply)
Our last Live Marketing Medic Mastermind was beach-side in Maui...
Join the EMT-Certification and that may be your empty seat in the bottom left at our next Mastermind!
New Added Bonus!
To make creating your funnel as absolutely easy as possible, I have decided to include 3 "share funnels" into this training.

A share funnel is simply a funnel that I build that has a share link attached to it. You simply open the link while logged into your Clickfunnels account and "Presto" that funnel is in your personal account.

I'll create 3 different style of funnels that you can modify for your business.

But here's what sets these share files apart from every other share funnel on the planet...

My funnels will have strategy instruction built right into them!

This means, that I'll provide a generic headline and have it nicely designed and all that. But right beneath that headline section will be a video from me, explaining what you want to say in that headline and how you want to say it.

I'll have a video explanation for each section of the funnel!

So, when you build a customized funnel for your business, you won't have to struggle with the content. I'll be right there in the funnel guiding you along!

Basically, everything I taught James in the course, will be summarized in your funnel build. 

It doesn't get any easier than that!