Are you struggling with "shiny object syndrome", or don't know what to do or when to do it?
Download the very same SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) checklist I use to stay on track and actually complete and launch online campaigns that convert!
12 years of paramedic experience taught me the importance of addressing the needs of my patients first and foremost.
Applying "Patient Based Marketing " builds client trust and increases revenue. 
You've done everything right...
But your marketing funnel still isn't converting
A Brief History of Online Marketing
The first website appeared in 1991, and through the 1990's basically if your business had a website and all your competitors were still advertising in the newspaper and yellow pages, you beat them!

But then the new millennium arrived and the majority of businesses on the planet had websites. So it was the business that spent the most money, had the best developers and the best website design that won. Basically the business with the prettiest website came out on top. And "back then", high quality websites were EXPENSIVE and could only be afforded by the wealthiest businesses. So you had to have money, to make money.

Then Wordpress and Wordpress themes came along.... Wordpress and their themes made it possible for the less affluent to build decent enough looking websites that could actually compete with the "big boys" for design. But if you wanted ecommerce and increased functionality, you still needed to pay a developer or hope you could find a plugin that actually worked! 

Just recently though, drag and drop funnel building software came along that allowed a complete layperson to design and build out the most evolved marketing funnels found on the world wide web. And with this technology came to promise of the next gold rush.
The New World (Online)
In 2015 it was declared that "websites were dead". Everyone had one and they now serve no more value than an online brochure. The future of online advertising involved relationship building through sales and marketing funnels.

The theory certainly made sense and the steps seemed easy enough...

Basically, you create a "Squeeze Page" with the greatest of ease. On the squeeze page was a free offer. All your targeted had to do was give you their email in exchange for something completely free and clearly laden with value!

Once they took you up on your offer, your "lead magnet", they were whisked away to your Thank You page, where you conveniently have your "Tripwire" waiting for them. This is another incredible opportunity for your target, because there you are offering them something with tremendous value for only a fraction of the cost! 

How could they possibly say "no"?

Of course, if they are willing to spend a little bit on something awesome, then surely they'd want to spend even more on something that is SUPER awesome....

And so it goes. Upsells, downsells, side sells, continuity programs, email follow up campaigns....

This is a process, a formula, a strategy that simply can't fail.... until it does.

And then what?

The Search for Solutions
The thing is, marketing funnels work! You know they work because they've sucked hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars out of you.

You know all the gurus and they are crushing it. They have told you, "here's a funnel that took me 15 minutes to build that is now making $14,563 per day!"

Okay, so you may not believe that it only took 15 minutes to build, but you can't make a number like $14,563 up!

What are they doing that you aren't? The only way to find out is to get sucked into one of their funnels and start purchasing their training. But because you are in a "funnel", you never know if the product you purchased has the answers that you need. Because as soon as you buy one thing, you find out they actually have another product this is better still for only 5x the price of the thing you just bought.

And then regardless of how much, or how little, you paid, the information that then comes pouring into you is like trying to drink water from a fire hose.
What I Eventually Learned
How do I know this story? I know it because I've lived it.

And here's what I've learned. It doesn't matter if you purchase the guru's $97 package or $497 package. What you purchase isn't much more revealing than the information they give away as their lead magnets and in their blogs and podcasts. The information is just packaged differently.

And when you eventually strip away all the fluff, they are all essentially saying the same things and the majority of the information isn't crazy NASA-level, high tech, ultra top secret stuff. The things that make the biggest difference between funnels that crush or flop are the basics. Knowing the basics, following the basics, and doing the basics well.

Once I got a handle on the basics, my funnels started to finally convert. The "Marketing Medic" was born and I applied my Standard Operating Procedures to my clients' accounts with equally favorable results.

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